Bonfire of Brexit Employment Law…

15th May 2017

UK Employers do not believe a bonfire of current EU employment law is necessary upon leaving the EU. A new report underlined support among employers in the UK for the UK’s employment rights framework including EU legislation.

Employers back existing employment rights…


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MP’s call for end to ‘bogus’ self employed status…

A cross party group of MP’s are calling for the end to exploitative self employed contracts. A large number of self employed workers at companies including Deliveroo, Uber and Amazon are not entitled to holiday pay, pensions or other workers rights. These “free riding” employers are an extra burden on the welfare state whilst at the same time reducing the tax contributions which sustain it, said Frank Field of the Work and Pensions committee.


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Zero hour workers to face a pay penalty…

According to Resolution Foundation research “Zero hour workers” typically earn £1000 a year less than their permanent equivalence.


RSR Law based in South London are Employment Law experts and specialise in discrimination. Zero hour contracts are part of our flexible job market but should they be? Let us know what you think.

Plumber wins workers’ rights battle…

A plumber has successfully won a case entitling him to basic workers rights, until now not possible for “self employed” workers who happen to work for another company.

Gary Smith argued he was entitled to basic workers’ rights. BBC news.

This is a landmark decision and the latest to side with flexible workers such as plumbers and builders.


RSR Law a specialist in employment law and discrimination claims supports this latest decision. RSR Law are based in South London.

Alex Jones feared losing job…

Alex Jones feared losing her job on the One Show whilst on maternity leave.


RSR Law are employment law experts based in South London and deal with many cases where women have lost their jobs due to becoming pregnant. This must stop and we are here to help.

France’s “Right to Disconnect”

“a busy 50-year-old manager at an airline in Paris, sounds like she would benefit from France’s new “right to disconnect” law that guarantees all employees freedom from their work smartphone and email. ”

Since January 2017 French workers have the right to switch off and not accept telephone calls or emails when not at work.

RSR Law Ltd wonder what you think to France’s new law?

As employment law solicitors based in South East London we think this is a great law and we should introduce it in the UK.


I was sacked for having cancer

“Cancer survivor Terry Foster, 58, tells the BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire programme he was sacked after being diagnosed with lymphoma, as his company felt he “wouldn’t be able to handle the stress of the job”.”

RSR Law,  employment Law experts based in Croydon, thinks this is appalling and should never happen. If you have been discriminated against by an employer call us today.

Recruitment agency criticised for job ads specifying bra size 6th October 2016

Matching models, an “international temp agency for beautiful and talented people”, recently advertised for personal assistant with “a classic look, long brown hair with a B to C cup. The Equality and Human Rights Comiision called it “appalling, unlawful and demeaning”


RSR Law Solicitors are sexual discrimination at work experts and thinks this is appalling and discriminatory. – what do you think?

Widow to sue after private ambulance ‘missed heart attack’ 6th Oct 2016

A widow is suing a private ambulance trust after it dispatched a private ambulance whose crew failed to spot her husband was showing symptoms of a heart attack and later died…


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Are ‘discrimination arising from disability’ claims an easy route to employment tribunal wins? 5th Oct 2016

Are ‘discrimination arising from disability’ claims an easy route to employment tribunal wins?

The number of employment tribunal claims for discrimination arising from disability appears to be rising. This article looks at what is behind the trend, and asks how future developments could affect the way employers manage disabled people at work.


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