Is Depression Classed as a Disability? Ask the Expert

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Do you have to declare your disability to your employer? Ask the Expert – Robert Rocker (RSR Law Solicitors). With thanks to Castle Associates.

What is a disability? Ask the Expert.

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How to avoid a wrongful dismissal claim? Ask the Expert

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Depression lost me my job… Oct 2017

Hayley Smith was encouraged by her manager to apply for other jobs when she told her employer about her depression.

300,000 people with mental health leave their jobs each year a report says. This “Thriving at Work Report”, commissioned by Theresa May, makes 40 recommendations for how to support employees with mental health issues, including:

  • Creating a mental health at work plan
  • Building awareness by making information and support accessible
  • Provide good working conditions
  • Ensuring employees have a healthy work-life balance
  • Promoting effective people management and promoting conversation
  • Routinely monitoring of employee mental health

Mrs May said: “It is only by making this an everyday concern for everyone that we change the way we see mental illness, so that striving to improve your mental health – whether at work or at home – is seen as just as positive as improving our physical well-being.”


RSR Law Solicitors, London are discrimination at work experts and can help with Free Advice if you feel you have been discriminated against at work. Discrimination at Work due to Mental Illness is unacceptable and laws are there to protect you.

Forced from Job for giving birth! Oct 2017

“Around one in nine of more than 3,000 mothers questioned said they had been dismissed, made compulsorily redundant, or treated so badly they felt they had to leave their job, according to the Equality and Human Rights Commission in 2015.”


RSR Law Solicitors are discrimination at work experts. We pride ourselves on helping women who have been discriminated and dismissed due to being pregnant. If this has happened to you act now and take expert legal advice immediately.

Government abolishes unlawful employment tribunal fees…

Unison court case
Source: Unison

A surprise ruling by seven justices overturned judgements by the High Court in 2013, unanimously backing the appeal by Unison that the fess were introduced unlawfully.

In July 2013 tribunal fees were introduced meaning claimants had to pay up to £1,200. Unison claimed these fees prevented thousands of employees, especially those on a low income, from “access to justice” if badly treated by employers.

A refund of £32 Million is expected.


RSR Law, South London, are experts in employment law and fully support this. We believe in access to justice for all. This is why we offer No Win No Fee on employment law cases where ever possible.

BBC gender pay gap cannot be “tackled” overnight…

Pressure mounts on the BBC  for it to deal with the pay inequality, highlighted by their recent  annual report, NOW rather than 2020. The BBC said this cannot be tackled overnight as the gender pay gap is complex, this follows a demand by high profile female TV  personalities calling for immediate action.

Emily Maitlis, Victoria Derbyshire, Sue Barker, Clare Balding, Fiona Bruce and Alex Jones
Emily Maitlis, Victoria Derbyshire, Sue Barker, Clare Balding, Fiona Bruce and Alex Jones. Source:


RSR Law are expert discrimination lawyers based in South London and we do not stand for gender discrimination and pay inequality. If you have a pay dispute with an employer then contact today.

How will Brexit impacted employment…

Four areas of employment law which stand to change following Brexit…

  1. Working Time
    • Working Time Directive governs working hours, rest and leave and is a prime candidate  for change…
  2. Agency Workers
    • this is likely for total revocation and will remove the rights of agency workers to be paid the same as a permanent member of staff
  3. TUPE
    • Transfer of Undertakings will be another prime target for change, freeing companies to work outside EU constraints
  4. Discrimination
    • Anti – discrimination is here to stay as based on UK law, however UK law could change in favor of positive discrimination in favor of under represented groups, which at present  not allowed

Lexology 23rd June 2017

RSR Law Ltd are UK employment law experts dealing with discrimination and unfair dismissal in South London.

Deliveroo – ‘painting false picture at work’

Deliveroo have been accused of misinformation and making last minute changes to contracts in an effort to prevent riders from gaining better employment  rights.

Deliveroo are being investigated whether they are independant contractors (as company argues) or whether they should be classified as workers in their own rights, with benefits including holiday pay and a national minimum wage.


RSR Law are expert employment law and discrimination at work specialists based in South East London. Have your say… Do you think these type of contracts are valid?


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