An expert has cast doubt on whether the popularity of shared parental leave will stand the test of time 6th May 2015

Introduced last month by the outgoing coalition government, shared parental leave and statutory pay rights, previously solely allocated to the mother, are now shared between both parents.

This has become one of the most hotly discussed topics among employment lawyers and HR professionals in recent months. There is speculation as to the uptake and weather this policy will continue after the general election.. only time will tell.

Other policies implemented by the coalition include reform of employment tribunals and unfair dismissal claims.


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Ruling in Montgomery case means women have right to know about ‘any material risk’ in order to make decisions about how to give birth.

The Supreme Court has ruled in favour of a woman whose child was injured during birth. The mother argued she should have been warned about specific risks of a natural birth in her situation, so that she could have made a choice to have a caesarean section, but was not. The defending Health Board argued that as the specific risk was very small and if explained in every case, every patient would choose a section.

The decision has important implications relating to consent and a doctor’s duty to inform patients of risks. It suggests that as patients become more in control of their medical treatment, they are ultimately responsible for their decisions and that proper disclosure of risks will allow better decisions for the patient and protect health professionals from litigation.


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Amazon seeks to shut down paid review sites 10th April 2015

“Amazon has sued four firms that pay people to produce reviews that then appear on the online retailer’s site.

The company alleges that the paid opinions “undermine” its review system which customers believe come from unbiased sources.”


RSR Law (including our dedicated sites and does not pay any review sites – we do not agree with these practices, nor paying a review site,  We believe this biases customer opinion as poor reviews can simply be removed.


Comeuppance for cold callers!

Law Gazette 1st April 2015

A claims management company has recently been fined £80,000 for making unwanted nuisance calls.  Here at we believe your privacy are paramount and never have and never will make cold calls!  We support the Information Commissioner’s Office in stamping out this practice.


‘No Time to Lose’ campaign aims to raise awareness of occupational cancers and encourage businesses to improve safety standards.

The Institute of Occupational Safety and Health quote recent research indicating that almost 14,000 new cases of cancer caused by work being registered every year in the UK and there are around 8,000 deaths a year from occupational cancer. Their ‘No Time to Lose’ campaign aims to raise awareness of the dangers of cancer causing exposures in the workplace and to help businesses improve their response to these dangers. and RSR Law support the IOSH’s No Time To Lose campaign, share the link below.


No Time to Lose Campaign

Clampdown on cold call companies 25th Feb 2015

The government will be clamping down on cold calling companies by changing the rules to allow companies to be prosecuted and fined more easily. Companies who cold call and send nuisance text messages could face fines of up to £500,000!

Here at RSR Law we agree with this decision and continue to stand against cold calling and text marketing.RSR Law (and this includes and have and never will cold call anyone or use companies who do.


RSR Law has moved…

RSR Law has moved back to Croydon after being based in Beckenham for the last couple of years.  We are very excited about the move and the new opportunities it will open for our business.  Our new offices are ideal for our ongoing expansion & we see ourselves here for years to come.

Our New Telephone:

020 3417 0370

Our new address:

65a George Street, Croydon, Surrey, CR0 1PD

RSR Law Supports Global Asbestos Awareness Week

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Law Firm RSR Law Ltd and Supports Global Asbestos Awareness Week

Expert Occupational Illness specialists RSR Law Ltd and, are calling on all employers, employees and self-employed within the construction, renovation and maintenance industries to work together to reduce asbestos exposure.
RSR Law Ltd and believe it is crucially important that anyone who may be working with or close to asbestos is aware of the potential dangers and we fully support Global Asbestos Awareness Week, organised by the Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization (ADAO), which runs next week from 1st to 7th April 2015.

The ADAO highlight that Asbestos is a proven human carcinogen with no ‘safe level’ of exposure and has been demonstrated to cause asbestosis, lung and gastrointestinal cancers.  Exposure to asbestos occurs through inhalation of minute fibres, which are invisible and odourless, that are released into the air where asbestos is disturbed or crumbly.  These inhaled fibres remain in the lungs causing irritation and scarring (asbestosis) and can cause cancer, including the aggressive cancer, mesothelioma.

Globally, despite the well-known dangers, Asbestos is only banned in 55 counties, and according to World Health Organization estimates about 125 million people are exposed to Asbestos in the workplace globally and in 2004 there were 107,000 deaths from occupational exposure to Asbestos in the world.

In the UK, although Asbestos was banned in 1999, it is still present in many buildings built before then, having been used in a broad range of building products.  In the UK, the people most likely to be at risk of exposure are those workers involved in refurbishment, maintenance and similar trades and without proper training and equipment the risks of exposure are still high.  Given also that the onset of Asbestos-related diseases can be delayed for decades, far from being a historical threat, Asbestos is still a danger.  New diagnoses and deaths are still occurring, with over 2500 deaths from Mesothelioma in 2013 and over 5000 deaths from asbestos related diseases overall each year (Health and Safety Executive (HSE) Data).

“We believe that limiting and preventing exposure to asbestos now will mean a reduction in the numbers of people developing asbestos related diseases and deaths because of it in the future.  It is of paramount importance that employers, employees and self-employed people working particularly in the trades are aware of the risks of asbestos exposure and take appropriate action to limit exposure.  This includes training, the use of personal protective equipment where appropriate and use of specialist licensed contractors where required.  Employers have a duty of care to protect their employees at work and increased awareness of the dangers can help everyone involved understand why it is so important to work to prevent further harm.” – Andrew Paine, Director, RSR Law Ltd.

Global Asbestos Awareness Week 2015 runs from 1st to 7th April and is intended to raise awareness of asbestos and prevent asbestos-related disease.  For more information, visit:  Link:


Our call centre has gone green…

Our UK based call centre (Answer-4u) has gone green. Answer-4U are the first UK contact centre to be solar powered, thanks to their investment in photovoltaic (PV) panel technology and their unique approach embracing the green agenda… Read more

“These reductions and tweaks, when brought together, mean we can power our entire office during daylight hours. The savings we’ll make on our energy use will also mean that we can spend money on growing our business. I’d urge other businesses to follow suit so they can unlock a vital funding stream and do their bit for the planet at the same time. It is a win-win”. Says Managing Director Mark Menhennet.


At RSR Law Ltd ( and we embrace new technologies and are always looking for new ways to minimise our own impact on the environment, this is a major step for us in hitting our own environmental targets and one of the reasons we use Answer-4U.  That and the fact they provide a top service and their trained staff are available 24/7 to handle all our clients needs.

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