Defending a Will

Defend a Will: New Service

RSR Law’s expert contentious probate team now Defends Wills from a Contest.

RSR Law can help you to Defend a Will contest. We can help with mediation and / or defending a will in court. We are leaders in contentious probate and have the expertise to Defend your Will.

These include:

  • Inheritance Act Claims – i.e. the claimant is suggesting they have not been adequately provided for by will
  • Applications to remove an executor – where an unfounded application has been made
  • Claims to rectify a Will – correcting a defect in a will where clerical errors / misunderstadings by the will makers has been made
  • Proprietary Estoppel – claimant believes a promise of part of the esate has been broken
  • Claim against Validity including Capacity, Fraud and Coercion

RSR Law offer a FREE Initial Consultation on whether you can Defend a Will Contest. Contact Us Today on 0203 633 4408 to find out more or visit

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