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Want to Contest or Defend a Will?
Fraudulent Wills | Lack of Capacity | Inheritance Act Claims | Defend a Will
NEW: RSR Law also Defend Wills from a Contest. Ask Us How...

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RSR Law Solicitors are experts in the Contesting of Wills.

If you are not a beneficiary of a Will, or feel you should be getting more inheritance, have evidence of a fraudulent will, or lack of capacity then RSR Law are the expert help you need.

Our Contesting a Will legal team will quickly evaluate your case to see if it is possible for you to Challenge a Will.

You have 6 months to Contest a Will after Probate... Don't leave it too late... Get Your Inheritance... Act Now...

RSR Law is based in South East London and represents clients in Croydon, South London, Surrey, and throughout the whole of England and Wales.

To Contest A Will...

  1. The deceased must have been a Resident of England or Wales
  2. The Will must have been Made in England or Wales
  3. The person wishing to challenge the will must be either:
    • a Child
    • a Spouse or Civil Partner
    • a Former Spouse or Civil Partner
      (not remarried or entered a new partnership)
    • a person financially dependent on the deceased
    • a person treated as a 'child of the family'
    • a recent Cohabitee for more than 2 years
  4. Within 6 months of Probate

Grounds for Contesting a Will

It is only possible to Contest a Will In England and Wales for the following:

Lack of Capacity (inc. Coercion & Undue Influence) - If you have evidence a will is invalid due to Coercion, Undue Influence or a Lack of Capacity, then it may be possible to contest the will.

Invalid Wills (due to Fraud & Forgery) - If you have evidence a will is invalid due to Fraud or Forgery, then it may again be possible to contest the will.

Invalid Wills (revoked / unsigned / not witnessed wills) - If a will has been revoked, not signed or incorrectly witnessed, then it may again be possible to contest the will.

Inadequete Inheritance (inc. Not being adequately provided for by the will) - The Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependents) Act 1975 allows the Challenge of a Will if you have not been adequately provided for by the Will AND you have a financial need i.e. on a low or no income, or you were financially dependant on the deceased.

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Defending a Will Contest - RSR Law can help you to defend a will contest or challenge. We can help with mediation and or defending your case in court. We have expertise in all aspects of contesting a will and can defend your case.

This includes Defending Wills from:

  • Inheritance Act Claims - i.e. the claimant is suggesting they have not been adequately provided for by will
  • Applications to remove an executor - where an unfounded application has been made
  • Claims to rectify a Will - correcting a defect in a will where clerical errors / misunderstadings by the will makers has been made
  • Proprietary Estoppel - claimant believes a promise of part of the esate has been broken
  • Claim against Validity including Capacity, Fraud and Coercion

First time you hear may be that a caveat (What is a Caveat?) has been put on the will and this is sometimes the start of a Will Contest. We can advise on removal of Caveats and can represent you in Defending the Will.

RSR Law offer FREE Advice** on whether you can Defend a Will Contest. Contact Us Today to find out more.

Funding Your Contest - we like to be clear with our funding options. After our Initial Free Advice / Consultation** there are a number of options available to fund your case. All of which will be explained by the legal advisor before any work is undertaken. Our costs are transparent and you will get a no obligation quote. These include: our No Win No Fee scheme, Fixed Fee and Pay as You Go.

If you have any questions speak to an expert legal advisor today on 020 3633 4408* or use our Contact Form and we'll get back to you.

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    or call us on 020 3633 4408 9am to 6pm Mon-Fri ( 0330 022 8955 Out of Hours & Weekends ) and we'll get back to you.

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