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Is your advice Free?

All our initial advice to assess your case is free. Wherever possible we will deal with your case under a No Win No Fee agreement. In some cases we may charge a small fee if further investigation is required, before a no win no fee agreement can be entered. However this will be discussed and agreed prior to any work being undertaken.

No Win No Fee^

No Win No Fee simply means we will not charge you for our services if your case is lost.

See How much will it cost? below for more info.

What types of claims do you deal with?

RSR Law are specialists in all aspects of Employment Law including (but not limited to) discrimination, unfair dismissal, and disputes. We are also leading experts in Contesting a Will / Inheritance Claims. If you are unsure whether we can help contact us direct to ask your question. All case evaluations are free.

Where are your services available?

Our head office is based in South East London, and we represent clients in Croydon, South London, Surrey, and throughout the whole of England and Wales. We are not just limited to working in South East London, our specialist solicitors can help no matter where you are. Give us a call, our initial advice is free.

Are you registered under the Government Registration scheme?

Yes. RSR Law Ltd is regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority. (ID 607630).


Mediation is invaluable not just in Employment Dispute cases but also in Will Disputes / Contesting a Will. Whatever the type of claim the aim of mediation is the same; getting an amicable settlement whilst maintaining the relationship, be it a working relationship or a family one. RSR Law can provide representation for you in the mediation process.

Employment Law

What types of Employment Law cases do you deal with?

RSR Law are Employment Law specialists and deal with: Discrimination, Bullying, Unfair Dismissal, Tribunal Preparation, Contract Negotiation, Disciplinary Proceedings etc. If you are unsure whether we can help contact us direct to ask your question. All case evaluations are free.

How much will it cost?

If we believe your claim has good prospects of success we may offer to deal with it under a No Win No Fee agreement (also known as a CFA or Conditional Fee Agreement), this means you pay nothng upfront and we only get paid only if you win your case. Other funding options are available.

All other funding options are at the lowest possible cost to you, whether a pay by hour suits you best or a fixed fee arrangement. All will be explained prior to entering into any agreement. Our initial advice is fee of charge.

No Win No Fee^ in Employment Law Cases

A No Win No Fee Agreement in employment cases simply means that you will only pay for our services in the event that your claim is successful. If your case is won AND you are awarded compensation either by a Tribunal, through mediation or negotiation, we get paid an agreed percentage out of your damages. If your case is lost then you do not pay us the agreed percentage, no matter how much work we have done.

If your case is not suitable for a No Win No Fee, other funding options are available.

Why is my case not suitable for a No Win No Fee?

To enter into a No Win No Fee agreement we have to believe that your claim has good prospects of success.

Alternative Funding Options^

If your case is not suitable for a No Win No Fee agreement we can look into alternative arrangements. This could include a small fee to investigate the case and if we become satisfied move onto a No Win No Fee, cover by Legal Expense Insurance, a pay as you go arrangement, or most likely a fixed fee. All funding options will be discussed with you by the solicitor handling your case.

We always try or very best to keep costs low and will try to negiotiate a settlement in order to avoid the expenses associated with a tribunal hearing.

How much can you take from my award?

If you enter into a No Win No Fee agreement then by UK Law our fee is capped at 30% of your award including VAT, regardless of how much you are awarded. For example if you are awarded £3,000 our fee can be no more than £900.

The percentage we charge will be agreed at the start of your case, and will vary from case to case.

Are any fees involved in a No Win No Fee agreement?

Sometimes we may ask for a fee to initially asses you case to decide whether to take it on under a No Win No Fee agreement. Otherwise, there may be barrister's fees for representation at any trial.

This will be discussed with you by the solicitor handling your case and agreed before any fees are subject / before any work is carried out.

What is Legal Expense Insurance (LEI)?

Legal Expense Insurance or LEI is Insurance which will cover all and any costs associated with legal proceedings. You may have such insurance with your home or car insurance provider. If you have this cover we may be able to use it to fund your case.

What is a settlement or compromise agreement?

Compromise agreements are generally drawn up to record the terms of settlement of an employment dispute. It is a legally binding document that both sides have to agree and adhere.

If you have any questions including how to fund your case then contact us for a FREE consultation. RSR Law can assist in considering, advising on and finalising compromise agreements.

How long do I have to claim?

Please be aware that you generally have 3 months less one day from the date of dismissal or the date of any discrimination.

Contest a Will

What is "Contesting a Will"?

A Will can be contested where it is believed to have been made fraudulently, or was made under duress or the person did not have the mental capacity to make it. A claim can also be made under the Inheritance (Provision for Family & Dependants) Act 1975 by a spouse/child/civil partner of the deceased who believe that reasonable provision has not been made for them in the Will and they have a financial need or a need for maintenance.

Timescale to Contest

The timescale to make a claim under the Inheritance Act is 6 months from the date of the grant of probate.